zayn malik

Zayn Malik is cool. It’s a fact girls! But let’s fill in some details about Zayn so we can all see why Zayn is so cool.

Zayn was born in Yorkshire in England. Specifically at St Luke’s Hospital in Bradford on the 12th January 1993, which makes him a Capricorn.

Capricorns are well known for having lots of energy and being really stubborn at sticking to their goals. They are known for being really good though at balancing work and play, so if you do make it to a One Direction concert there is a good chance that you will see a lovable, playful side to Zayn.

Zayn’s full name is actually “Zain Javadd “Zayn” Malik” and he has an English Mother (Tricia Malik) and a Pakistani father (Yaser Malik).

Zayn grew up in East Bowling in West Yorkshire which also has the distinction of being the place where rival singer Gareth Gates also grew up.

One of the reasons why Zayn is able to communicate so well with his female fans is probably because he has three sisters who are named Waliyha, Doniya and Safaa, and so he has been brought up to have a real affinity with women.

During the boot camp stages for The X Factor Zayn was worried about his dance moves, especially as they were going to be performed in front of professional dancers, but Simon Cowell persuaded him to give it a go.

We all thought that Zayn dances great! But he thinks that his dancing is something that he has to improve.

Like all the other boys in the band Zayn was initially turned down at the boot camp stages of the auditions in 2010, because he was auditioning on his own.

Any true fan should know that fate clearly intervened here, because it was then that he was called back and offered the chance to form One Direction with the other members of the band who we now all know and love!

Zayn has been romantically linked with a number of the other X Factors female contestants, notably Rebecca Ferguson and Cher Lloyd, but is currently said to be really happy with current girlfriend Perrie Edwards who has apparently taught Zayn the really useful party trick of being able to stick a rubber band up his nose!

Apart from his involvement with One Direction Zayn also loves rap music and R&B and has a number of other hobbies that help him to relax when he isn’t singing or performing with the other guys in the band.

These include drawing cartoons where it is said that Zayn has quite a talent, and also collecting comic books.

In some ways Zayn is like the “bad boy” (who we love to love!) because he smokes and also has tattoos. Among the many different tattoos that Zayn has are a tattoo of a playing card which he has on his stomach, an Arabic name for Walter (which was his Grandfathers name) and a Yin Yang symbol.

Zayn unfortunately felt he had to quit Twitter in August 2012 because he felt like he was getting too much abuse from other users and also because he wasn’t using it enough.

Zayn is the member of One Direction who many fans (me included!) feel has the most charm and charisma. It is close though! I love you Harry!

Zayn has a winning smile and recently commented on how much the boy’s second album, Take Me Home, means to the band to really get right for the fans.

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